FIGHT! PALAST #membersonly

I caught FIGHT! Palast on 7/1/16 and the whole experience was really nice. FIGHT! was part of the M1 Fringe Festival as well, and it deals with how we perceive ourselves to be and what we truly are.

I liked it because it was inspired by the book/movie Fight Club itself and had references made to the book. The monologue bit that was divided among the three actors/actress was really impactful also in the sense that they kept repeating it and then adding on to it as the story goes on.

“Ok ok ok! Right?” For some reason, this phrase seemed to resonate with so many people in the crowd or for me at least. A certainty that is uncertain is definitely painful.

Story wise I would have to admit that I was pretty lost, because I did not catch the dialogue well enough and some parts eventually fell on me. I guess in general the actors were confronting events and situations where they had no control over themselves, be it because of societal expectations, of mental illness, of how the society works as well. Perhaps starting a fight club, to have something healthy to vent their frustration at, to feel pain but a good sort pain because you were working hard. Palast translates into palace in German.

The post-production was very fun as well! The three actors held three different concurrent sessions and the audience got to choose what we wanted to do among the choices of making German potato salad, try fighting and making hand casts from plaster. To be part of the session was to truly be a member of Fight Palast.

I think ultimately, Fight Palast is home.

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