A Midsummer’s Night Dream | LASALLE

I watched this last night with my sister and we both thought the students were great. The play was extremely long though and I got bored at the final fifteen minutes where Shakespeare made the merry makers perform a play. 

I loved the set a lot – especially the moving platforms painted like the night sky. The use of little warm lights as stars added on to the fantastical whimsical feel of the play. I also in particular liked the costumes of the fairies. Since the class was made of all girls but one guy, some had to act as boys and I thought it was a job well done especially for the girl acting as Lysander.

The other thing that got me was how disgusting the “making out” scenes were, which was great you know, considering that Bottoms was a donkey and the fairy queen was a queen. They really gave their 100% in making their chemistry believable and this goes to the other couples as well.  

I enjoyed watching the boy perform as the sprite and the father, not so much the cleaner guy. I didn’t like the whole starting of all of them sitting by the stage because I found it immensely draggy. Oh well yknow. It’s Shakespeare. 

Both our favourite character was the fairy who acted with her Malay accent. She was hilarious; simply because she was honest, passionate and simply enjoying being on stage.

Urban Arts Festival 2017 | Aliwal Arts Centre

I’m writing this belatedly because I wanted to archive all the arts stuff I do this year. I was working halfway on this post and apparently it did not save so I have to redo! So here’s a summarised version.

Urban Arts Festival was held on 14 Jan celebrating all urban arts, such as graffiti and rap. However, there wasn’t much of rap at the festival. Instead there was an artisanal market, a skateboarding competition, a dj stage, a barter market and music performances by local bands.

My personal favourite was the barter market because I like arts and craft. Looking at people being involved and sharing art inspired me to make my own rubber stamps at home.

I went as a volunteer, and I would say that my experience was good. The commitment level was low, the management was pretty good and everybody seemed to be having a good time. Welfare wise, the buffet dinner was really amazing I loved the chicken!! The other volunteers were happy and friendly as well.

I had to be the artist liason for Tomgirl and to be honest, I did not do much other than making sure the band comes on time. A reminder to myself not to be flustered, or outwardly show others that I’m flustered such that the bad energy gets transferred to others.

A shout out to Joeve and Kusala for making the night great for me!

Chicago, The Musical | Lunchbox Theatrical Productions

I watched Chicago on their opening night 8 Feb at Marina Bay Sands Mastercard Theatre. It was my first time there and my impression was that the venue was quite high class and was filled with caucasians. I was seated in between a mainland Chinese couple and two male students from NUS. Yes I went alone hahaha. Yes I was pretty bored.

I didn’t know what I signed up for really. I just wanted to watch another musical since Les Miserables was so good. Or maybe it was the difference between a Cat 1 seat and a Dress Circle seat. And the fact that I had like three rows empty in front of me. I didn’t realise I know of Chicago until I heard the song about the women killing their husbands, because Aleks played it in class. 

The set didn’t blow me off, the acting didn’t blow me off, the singing didn’t blow me off. But the blocking and dancing was good! And the best part was definitely the band. They were having so much fun that it was contagious and the audience was cheering loudly.

I guess it also didn’t help because the guys beside me… were very excited they couldn’t stop talking. Or sharing their popcorn. Or talking. And I was irritated by my contact lens.

Note to self to arrive earlier at the venue next time because it takes ten minutes from the MRT to the theatres. Note to self also that I spent $35 on this.

Actor 40 | Yeo Yan Yan

This was part of the Huayi Festival held by the Esplanade and also The Necessary Stage. I watched the opening show on 3 Feb with Jessica and I really enjoyed watching Yan Yan act. She was so versatile and so incredible in the way she portrayed over ten characters in a span of two hours, speaking in more than five different accents and even three languages in the least. With that said, I also admire and was in awe of Haresh Sharma’s vision in writing this script. He wrote it to challenge, stretch and present Yan Yan’s prowess in a new light to audiences new and old. As such, I was able to feast during the show upon her skills and commitment to it.

Homecoming | He Shuming, Royston Tan

Homecoming was commissioned by the National Museum of Singapore for Singapore Heritage Festival 2016 with support from the Singapore Film Commission. I watched it at SCAPE on 20 Jan and enjoyed it quite a bit. I believe the residents of Ubin would have liked it also.

After watching it, many questions regarding the film and its resultant consequences surfaced in my mind. The film seemed to bring up the ideas of Ubin’s history and its impending disappearance, which I don’t think was what NMS was trying to achieve. But in particular, I liked the honesty of the characters and felt that the production team did a good job with building the rapport with them.

I went with Kristel who was new to the arts scene so she feedbacked that it was a nice experience. I invited Clarence to come for the film and caught up with him, to which he feedbacked that it was good to be involved and active in the arts again after so long.

Art Stage Singapore 2017

Art Stage this year was from 11 to 15 Jan. It is usually my favourite big scale art exhibition, next to the Affordable Art Fair. I helped out for three days, doing front-of-house, gallery sitting and patrolling.

The art works this year were noticeably less arresting. There weren’t big installations or controversial works that caught my attention unlike the black goldfishes last year, or even the many sculptures the year before. Nevertheless, I did enjoy my volunteering experience this year so much more because the management was great.

The biggest takeaway was learning the importance of crisis management, and also how important the first aid kit was.