Homecoming | He Shuming, Royston Tan

Homecoming was commissioned by the National Museum of Singapore for Singapore Heritage Festival 2016 with support from the Singapore Film Commission. I watched it at SCAPE on 20 Jan and enjoyed it quite a bit. I believe the residents of Ubin would have liked it also.

After watching it, many questions regarding the film and its resultant consequences surfaced in my mind. The film seemed to bring up the ideas of Ubin’s history and its impending disappearance, which I don’t think was what NMS was trying to achieve. But in particular, I liked the honesty of the characters and felt that the production team did a good job with building the rapport with them.

I went with Kristel who was new to the arts scene so she feedbacked that it was a nice experience. I invited Clarence to come for the film and caught up with him, to which he feedbacked that it was good to be involved and active in the arts again after so long.

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