A Midsummer’s Night Dream | LASALLE

I watched this last night with my sister and we both thought the students were great. The play was extremely long though and I got bored at the final fifteen minutes where Shakespeare made the merry makers perform a play. 

I loved the set a lot – especially the moving platforms painted like the night sky. The use of little warm lights as stars added on to the fantastical whimsical feel of the play. I also in particular liked the costumes of the fairies. Since the class was made of all girls but one guy, some had to act as boys and I thought it was a job well done especially for the girl acting as Lysander.

The other thing that got me was how disgusting the “making out” scenes were, which was great you know, considering that Bottoms was a donkey and the fairy queen was a queen. They really gave their 100% in making their chemistry believable and this goes to the other couples as well.  

I enjoyed watching the boy perform as the sprite and the father, not so much the cleaner guy. I didn’t like the whole starting of all of them sitting by the stage because I found it immensely draggy. Oh well yknow. It’s Shakespeare. 

Both our favourite character was the fairy who acted with her Malay accent. She was hilarious; simply because she was honest, passionate and simply enjoying being on stage.

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