Detention Katong! | DREAM Academy

I watched this on 26 February with Ben!! And I’m glad I watched it with him because if not I will be very confused. To be honest I thought long and hard how to give a review on this that doesn’t hurt anybody so I guess here goes: why?….

??? *inserts benefit of doubt*

I do appreciate the dancing, the singing, and the effort in creating a storyline.. but I am really not sure who the show was catered to and what the audience was supposed to feel. The lyrics were not strong, the breaking into songs out of nowhere was strange, and the message of the story was lost – either lost or there was a problem with the message in the first place.

Bad girls can be good? In the first place they aren’t even all that bad. And then there’s so much going on… yet nothing substantial was happening. All I was waiting for was for the relatively cute boy in St Pats uniform to sing to see if he can get any cuter. He only got to sing one song. And then I was waiting for the show to end.

It just wasn’t my cup of tea, but it might have been for others. To be honest, the singing was not bad although Ben said they were straining their voices. Nobody messed up their choreography, which was applaudable. Nevertheless… I just didn’t like it.  

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