The Pillowman | Pangdemonium

I seem to procrastinate a whole lot such that there after I cannot really remember details, which does not help much. I watched Pillowman on 24 February and I rate it 9/10!!! Which was really high, because I would give Falling 10/10 and Les Mis 10/10. With that said, I have to put it out there that I’m a sets person and an acting skills person so if both happen to be there and done well, not to mention a brilliant choice of script and cast, the highest rating one would have garnered from me would be an 11/10.

I wouldn’t say I have seen much of the cast other than Adrian Pang from Falling (and Mediacorp…) and Daniel Jenkins from Othello, so I cannot really judge based on that. However, it is undeniable that Jenkins was amazing from start to end and I was so intrigued by the story! The Pillowman is so twisted, it’s horrifying but such an amazing piece of work from McDonagh.

The set of Pangdemonium’s was brilliant as usual. I loved how they managed to create a set behind a set just by turning the whole wall around. It was so quick, ergonomical and still beautiful. I am just – Pangdemonium can take my money – yes they are that good I am sold.

There was so much effort in everything they do! They brought on stage this electrocutor thing.. and that thing freaking SPARKED on stage and made an electrifying sound so that thing was definitely working and can cause pain for real and it was attached to Jenkins. I swore I would have yelped if something screwed up and it switched on while being attached to him. Same went for the gunshot. I know I sound like I kid (I am one) but wow boy am I amazed (and shocked).

I am watching the rest of their season!!! I can’t relay how excited I am and I really should start saving up now haha.

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