Little India Art Walk 2017

This happened in January with the Singapore Art Week but I only had like an hour there because of Art Stage and other commitments. As such, I only managed to catch the painted murals which I found out would be permanent afterwards. Nothing really caught my eye, I got pretty lost trying to find the artworks since it really wasn’t centralized and the website did not say where to go for information. 

To be fair, I went around 9pm when all the other events finished. It was very dark so I could not appreciate the artworks well (but the event happens at night, I assumed it was okay whatever time I went). It was hot and crowded with other people not going for the event. I got bombarded by the STB people trying to make me do their surveys and I pitied the first guy so I did his survey, also because I was trying to find my way to the festival and made him tell me afterwards. 

Otherwise, I did not meet anybody else who went to Little India for the sake of the murals and video installations. 

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