Singapore Contemporary 2017

This is a “on hindsight” post because it is beyond belated. I forgot I attended these events so now that I remember I shall add on.

I went for Singapore Contemporary on the second last day and there were not many interesting artworks left. Perhaps the fair was not catered to those who just wanted to appreciate and view the works without buying. I saw many Chinese paintings which I assume are from the mainland. And there was a stretch of galleries from Australia. Otherwise, the galleries were quite random but not as diverse as Art Stage. It was not as accessible as Art Stage in my opinion, where the works chosen were so (for the lack of a better word) boring to those who do not do art. It was not as colourful, as arresting or as inventive.  

Definitely the choice of venue – Suntec City Convention Hall was less impressive than Marina Bay Sands’ and it resulted in the lack of energy. The ushers hired did not add on to my experience. Some of them talked among themselves and ignored me while attending to this man who looked like he could afford art (compared to me, that is). I understood that these people were paid, whereas in Art Stage, most were volunteers and hence the difference in attitude? I also noticed that the dynamics it attracted was very different, since there was nobody else my age. Most were art-buyers, or adults at least. 

I ended up getting more bored than my sister who doesn’t even like such things.

The nicest thing that happened was this artist from Australia, Emma Hack, talked to everybody going into her gallery (including those who were just curious and not buying) and she shared snippets of her work. She was the lady who painted Gotye in his “Somebody I Used to Know” music video. Her works were one of the most colourful. You can check it out. 

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