Those Who Can’t, Teach | The Necessary Stage

Watched Those Who Can’t, Teach on 17 March and really wanted to pen down my thoughts straight after but it never seems to work out. 

The first time I watched it it was at NTU by the WKW kids last year (or year before..) and I left with such a good impression that when TNS decided to stage it I was so super excited, especially knowing that the cast is really strong. After watching it, I wouldn’t say I was disappointed but more like… WKW was really good. Nevertheless, TNS did a great job too! I left with a good laugh and I think it was pretty worth the price (it was quite expensive actually). 

As usual, I enjoyed Siti K’s acting a lot. She’s really versatile and knows what makes people laugh. I was plesantly surprised by Joshua Lim’s acting because he managed to charm me halfway through the show with that gaze he gave Siti. More professionally, of course, one can tell he puts in a lot of effort to do his best, as seen from Those and Starring Hitler. The others were good also, but I don’t have much to say. Ghafir Akbar’s rendering of the old Malay teacher was hilarious though. 

Wong Chee Wai’s set was pretty amazing as usual (I’m a HUGE fan). I liked the elevated stage that not only had utilitarian purposes but actually looks aesthetic too. Otherwise, it was simple, which doesn’t leave any more room for me to be impressed. Oh, I did find the random school badges and banners what not coming down from the flybars a little bit unnecessary. 

Last but not least, I loved the choice of using local songs as their playlist!!! The song choices were good and I thought it was a good way to expose audience to local music 🙂 

3 thoughts on “Those Who Can’t, Teach | The Necessary Stage

  1. Do you know what were the song titles that were played during the ‘Those Who Cant Teach’ show? I know one of the song was Settle Down by Gentle Bones, Not sure about the rest… 😦


    1. Hey Jayden, Sorry for the late reply! The songs used were all listed in their programme booklet which my friend purchased (but I didn’t). From the top of my head, I remember Fire to the Floor by Sezairi Sezali and other reviewss mentioned The Sam Willows’ ‘Ordinary’. Do let me know again if you would like the full list of songs, I can ask my friend for you. Thanks for dropping me a message!


    2. Hey Jayden. “Fire to the floor”” Sezairi, “First day” Stephanie Sun, “Ordinary” Sam Willows, “Kopi Dangdut” The Sallys, “Sudah Kawin Kah Belom” Saloma and Ahmad David, “Sunshine” The Pinholes, “Money” The Psalms, “Joget Pengantin Baru” Rafeah Buang, “Jangan” and “Sleep” I am David Sparkle, “Paranoid” Neural Vibe, “Liberator” Force Vomit, “A* S** K** M**” Boredphucks and “Settle down” gentle Bones 🙂


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