Tango | Pangdemonium


Tango was great! I watched it on 23 May with Yifeng and we both enjoyed it. I enjoyed it largely because of the generally competent cast with no weak link and also because of the vision of the scriptwriter, Joel Tan.

As usual, the set was arresting. I was delighted to be greeted with a giant set that engaged audience on the circle seats as well. The audience in the circle seats could see characters from our own eye level when the action rotates shifts from being on stage to being on the set. The space, I felt, was well utilised and divided for the three different settings despite sharing the same stage at the same time. I appreciated the use of multimedia to faciliate transitions and visualising the setting without the actual use of physical props.

Chemistry wise, I felt the couple played by Koh Boon Pin (Kenneth) and Emil Marwa (Liam) was not too bad. In particular, I really enjoyed Koh’s acting – as a partner, a father, a son and a friend. He came across convincingly as a gay man but also a strong man. Dylan Jenkins was adorable as the son, whom I thought displayed a commendable performance being at 13 years old. The other two characters I really enjoyed watching were Benjamin Chow’s take on Benmin and Razaini Mazai as Zul. In particular, I loved the final scene where Benmin tells Zul about the old man in the toilet and he starts sobbing while being on the phone with Zul.

Lim Kay Siu (Grandfather), Karen Tan (Elaine) and Lok Meng Chue(Poh Lin) were good but I felt I didn’t see anything new in their choice of characters. So it was also a little bit… boring to watch. Nothing surprised me.

I got lazy in finishing this review even though I’m supposed to be writing this for my own good. But here is another review that mirrors my thoughts! https://bakchormeeboy.com/2017/05/21/review-tango-by-pangdemonium/

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