Kway Chap | Sun Koh & Old Friends | Royston Tan

…… I finished my post yesterday but today it disappeared….. Sigh.

Kway Chap by Sun Koh runs only 15 minutes long. It documents the stories of Koh’s past family business running a famous Kway Chap stall. This story was born out of nostalgia and regret, as this stall and her old house no longer exists. Capturing the reactions and recollections of her parents on film, this was perhaps her attempt in concretising the family’s heritage and history largely grounded by the Kway Chap stall.

Watching it made me think about my own family and how I should document my memories before I no longer have a chance to. Perhaps even learn a few dishes from my grandmother or just document where I live in general.

Old Friends felt more like those Channel 8 food review series where people judged how good the food was, what they recommend and stuff. I couldn’t really appreciate it for the artistic qualities.

Watched these at Singapore Heritage Festival @ ACM this year! Only managed to be part of the Caldecott Broadcasting event and also Heritage events at ACM. I felt that there wasn’t really the education aspect, in the sense that people did not have the opportunity to learn about the heritage of the place and what is so good about the place itself. The only time I learnt about Caldecott was on the shuttle bus where the tourguide attached to the bus mentioned it to us. Otherwise, the events were really family friendly and relaxed. Happy that they screened 7 Letters and I got to rewatch I Not Stupid by Jack Neo!

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