Being Haresh Sharma |The Necessary Stage and Cake Theatrical Productions collaboration

It is the last day of July and so let’s celebrate with a post on a play I watched on 29 June! Haha I’m incredibly hopeless at this. (Correction, I am continuing this post on 2 August because I didn’t manage to finish the last time around.)

With that said, there isn’t much to remember about the play for me. This play is a series of short snippets from selected plays written by Haresh Sharma, within which, there was GodEatGod, Offcenter, Those Who Can’t Teach, Rosnah amongst others. I didn’t really find it memorable although my friends and other reviews did say they felt the show was good. 

For me, I just felt like it did what it set out to do – to celebrate the works of Haresh Sharma as well as the messages that it has covered and shared over the years. In a short period of 2hours, stories covered topics of mental disorders, social issues of religion and race, segregations of people within communities and also sexuality. There were a lot of things to think about for the most part and it does confirm how skilled and talented Sharma is in achieving such accomplishments. But I would say the way this was put together – the fragmentedness, the lightings, staging – doesn’t appeal to me very much. I could not really appreciate the artistic thought put into it. The acting by Siti Khalijah and  Ghafir Akbar was commendable though, Siti was very fluid in costume change and persona change; it was fun to watch. Ghafir was especially good in Offcenter. 

Okay that is all from me about this play.