Singapore Street Festival 2017

Today I’m free to update so I’ll do it all at once! And I would like to make an effort to keep it constantly updated and not wait for… three months later to comment on the past events.


Singapore Street Festival 2017 happened mid June to mid July this year and I was quite involved in the front-of-house and backend work. I set out to work on this festival originally to attain two things: learn about “street art” and also learn about how do you conceptualise a festival.

I did achieve what I set out to learn, and in fact, did more than I signed up for. Singapore Street Festival 2017 included competitions for Mural painting, Kendama, Bellydancing, Street soccer, Yoyo, Breakdancing and Basking amongst a few. Through this festival, I had new insights to these sports, especially the Kendama players who displayed friendship and camaradie amongst other things.

Being behind the scenes also gave me some understanding to the pre-planning of the events. We had to book hotels for the judges, check out the venues before bump-in, print awards, do briefings and meetings what not. I felt like it made me more aware of the manager I would like to be for my own events and how having a good team of people to delegate jobs to is important. I also learnt that showing that your festival had traction is really important for reports.

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