Tropicana The Musical

“Welcome to the Tropicana-a-a!”


I caught this on 18 April with my sister who was watching her first musical ever. I did not go find out what the show was about and thus was shocked at naked women dancing as a show starter. My sister seemed fine about it though haha.

I loved the costumes of the dancers, especially the pineapple one which I thought was really exotic and fun. In terms of the stories, the songs and singing, it was not really my cup of tea. It felt quite fragmented and sudden at times, where focus was shifted from people to people really quickly without much reason. If one thing was good from the whole play, it was probably the band. They were, the most consistent.

Although unrelated, the production merchandise looked really good and had good quality. I thought it was interesting to see people spend $70 on a laptop case and $50 on totebags.

I watched the play partially because Haresh Sharma wrote it, but did not feel the same compactness in the stories that his other pieces had. As such, I felt that the characters did not have much to explore or show other than the singing and dancing, which to me, may not be the ideal selling point for all musicals.

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