Urban Arts Festival 2017 | Aliwal Arts Centre

I’m writing this belatedly because I wanted to archive all the arts stuff I do this year. I was working halfway on this post and apparently it did not save so I have to redo! So here’s a summarised version.

Urban Arts Festival was held on 14 Jan celebrating all urban arts, such as graffiti and rap. However, there wasn’t much of rap at the festival. Instead there was an artisanal market, a skateboarding competition, a dj stage, a barter market and music performances by local bands.

My personal favourite was the barter market because I like arts and craft. Looking at people being involved and sharing art inspired me to make my own rubber stamps at home.

I went as a volunteer, and I would say that my experience was good. The commitment level was low, the management was pretty good and everybody seemed to be having a good time. Welfare wise, the buffet dinner was really amazing I loved the chicken!! The other volunteers were happy and friendly as well.

I had to be the artist liason for Tomgirl and to be honest, I did not do much other than making sure the band comes on time. A reminder to myself not to be flustered, or outwardly show others that I’m flustered such that the bad energy gets transferred to others.

A shout out to Joeve and Kusala for making the night great for me!

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